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Welcome! Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. You're in for posts that are all about Eurovision, made all year round. Who says the fun that is Eurovision should only last for 3 measly days in May? Not me. Now let's enjoy everything Eurovision has to offer.

Dustin the Turkey: “Oh Europe, Where oh where did it all go wrong”.

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Continuing to share my shuffle songs with you


Elnur & Samir - Day After Day

Azerbaijan competes in the 1st semi-final at the Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow night, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than a throwback to their first entry back in 2008! This very… interesting entry achieved 8th place in the grand final, and is remembered by Eurovision fans to this day as being one of the more… flashy songs of the competition.

All joking aside, this song is truly fun and we hope you enjoy it!

List of beautiful people (6/∞) Aliona Moon


every time someone says that dancing lasha tumbai is their fave esc entry a europal dies

marikaverse: What did you think of Lena for Germany? :)

My love(oh)lovelove for her and her music has been growing ever since 2010! A lovely artist, I’m veryvery glad that she won when she did. :D 




Dilara Kazimova (Azerbaijan 2014) with the oldest Eurovision fan Oma Ella at the Press Centre

PHOTOS: Nargiz Gasimli