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Welcome! Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. You're in for posts that are all about Eurovision, made all year round. Who says the fun that is Eurovision should only last for 3 measly days in May? Not me. Now let's enjoy everything Eurovision has to offer.

Dustin the Turkey: “Oh Europe, Where oh where did it all go wrong”.

JESC 2013 Rankings [x] 08/12 San Marino-Michele Perniola- O-o-O Sole intorno a me. 

I like this one! It’s really different from anything I’ve heard before in JESC. It is a bit repetitive and the intro is loooong but overall it is nice. I’m curious to see the live performance. 

First singer for 2014 chosen: Federica Falzon for Malta!



Malta have selected their entrant for Junior Eurovision 2014!

JESC has an official tumblr. This made my day.


I love these moves and the way her boobs are shaking! Suzy has impact!!!


I love these moves and the way her boobs are shaking! Suzy has impact!!!


FYR Macedonia 2000: XXL - 100% Te Ljubam

I promised I’d make this

The Baltics in Eurovision this Year

Estonia: Let's send an act that, although wasn't the favorite to win, is quite good, and for a change is in English, but should still do very well and is unique enough to stand out.
Latvia: Let's make a rule that everyone who participates in the national selection, whether they compose or perform, must be Latvian. Show the world we do actually have talent and not need Swedish songwriters like Azerbaijan. Show Europe that we could possibly bring an act in Latvian that shows off our folk culture. Then, in a surprise twist of events, choose the worst song of the bunch that is sung by the one non-Latvian that happened to get in.
Lithuania: Noise! Mediocrity! Jumping! Hip hop! Tutus! Shouting! Where are all of our good composers? Oh, wait... we don't have any.

UnknownNo Prejudice (Iceland) by UnknownPollapönk
( UnknownEurovision Song Contest Copenhagen 2014 )
58 plays


iceland knows what’s up tho


Costume changes are when the performer’s costume is adjusted, either by other performers, or themselves. Sometimes, such as in 1985, this isn’t known to the audience beforehand.

Eurovision Countdown: 17 days until the final [x]